Twins Final Pitch: Minnesota looks to overcome road woes

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Minnesota hopes to get back on track after dropping 8 of 9 games on the road

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TOM HANNEMEN: With Jack Morris, Tom Hannemen on the Twins final pitch following a 3-2 loss for the Twins in Milwaukee. The Brewers sweep the series, a road trip in which Minnesota drops eight of nine games, Jack.

Yeah and you're going to probably look back, Tom, at this series and say, was that the series that the Twins lost the season? And I hate saying that because there's still a half a season to go, but when you've got a team like the Cleveland Indians that seems to be trending in the right direction and four other teams that are going to probably win over 100 games in the American League, it's going to be awful hard to try to sneak in and the Twins just needed to play better on this road trip.

- Twins now 13 games below the 500 mark. Afterwards, Paul Molitor, as we look at the final numbers of this one, was asked, what is it going to take to turn things around right now?

- It's leadership, It's professionalism. It's veterans. There's a lot of things that we're going to need to lean on here. It always seems a little more dire when you're in the moment. You've got to find a way to dig yourself out. This game is about, you know, people that can rebound when you get kind of entrenched to a little bit of a hole and you know we're going to have to try to find a way to respond. That's just how the game goes.

TOM HANNEMEN: Twins have the right manager at the helm to do exactly that. They're home now and tomorrow night welcome Baltimore to town for the first of four. Aaron Slager is scheduled to start. Lance Lynn, Kyle Gibson, and Jake Odorizzi, the other starters this weekend for Minnesota. Not a single starter with a win on the nine game trip. That was tough. Let's hope Aaron, in his first start of 2018, has better luck.

- Yeah. Hopefully he'll come up and just pitch the way he can pitch. Twins need a win, obviously, and Baltimore is a prime candidate to get that. The Twins have no off-breaks now, between the all-Star break, a big home series coming up, and hopefully they'll get off on the right foot with a win tomorrow night.

- Twins live tomorrow night at 6:30. Hope you'll join us then.