WATCH: Twins top prospect Royce Lewis loves the grind of pro ball

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Royce Lewis, the first overall pick in the 2017 MLB draft and the Minnesota Twins' top prospect, talks about adjusting to life in professional baseball.

- Royce, we have officially started the second half of the season, which means you now have played half of a professional baseball season. Can you describe the transition and what it's been like for you to this point?

- Yeah. It's been a lot of fun. I'm just excited to be here. And I'm just blessed to have the opportunity.

I just keep working hard each and every day. And it's definitely a grind. I've heard about being the grind, but it's a lot of fun. And I have fun doing the grind so I love it.

REPORTER: It's a grind because you're playing every day. Whether it's this level, every level you go up from here, it's baseball every day. How have you made that adjustment mentally and physically to be able to handle that?

- I just keep my family in touch and all my loved ones in touch with me. And off the field, make sure you're off the field priorities stay away from your on the field priorities. That's been the toughest challenge for me this year. And getting through that was great. And now I'm ready to go.

REPORTER: And just a few days ago, you were at the Midwest League All-Star game. What was that entire experience like for you?

- It was the coolest game I've ever played in, no doubt. I've played in some championship games. It was special just to me because we were having fun and just being free. Playing the game of baseball you love with a bunch of really good players, getting to know some new teammates, some opposing players, and just having fun.

- I appreciate your time tonight. Good luck tonight. Good luck the rest of the way because I know there are a lot of Twins fans too who are following you, who are keeping up, who are wishing you the very best.

- I appreciate it. Thank you.

- Guys, Royce Lewis, top prospect for the Twins.