What’s Cool @ Target Field: Food and drinks at Bat & Barrel

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From the Impossible Burger to the Minnesota Mule, there are plenty of tasty food and drink options at the new Bat & Barrel section at Target Field.

[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] CHRIS ISLES: Welcome to Bat & Barrel-- Target Field's hottest new club. I'm Chris Isles, the Twins' spokesman. And I'm here to show you all the things that all fans can get excited about here in this great new space at Target Field.

One of my favorite food items here in Bat & Barrel is the Red Cow Tennessee Hot Chicken Sandwich. It's a great fried chicken sandwich with just the right amount of spice. If the spice scares you a little bit, don't be afraid to order it, Minnesota nice style.

So this is a ceviche from local restaurant, Baja House. It's various types of fish with lime, onion, and avocado. The impossible burger has taken the food world by storm. This is a collaboration with our partners at Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. And as you can see, it looks like a normal burger. The big surprise about the Impossible Burger is that it's actually vegan, although you can't tell.

This is my favorite new entree option here at Target Field. It continues our great partnership with Murray's Steakhouse, downtown. It's a filet mignon that is topped with blue cheese, wrapped in bacon, and cooked at perfect medium rare. We've got some great local craft distillers here in Bat & Barrel. What we have here is Minnesota Mules to take on the Moscow Mule, only using local Minnesota liquor. And we've got a Greyhound here as well.

We have a huge selection of local craft beers throughout the ballpark. But also here in Bat & Barrel, we got here some Summit and a great brew from our partners at Budweiser. So Bat & Barrel, it's got some of the greatest food in the Twin Cities-- some of the greatest drinks in the Twin Cities. It's the spot to be here at Target Field. Be sure to check it out. Hey guys, cheers.

- Cheers here.