Digital Extra: Pregame rituals of Twins, Wolves

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From sitting in a hot tub to writing in a journal, your favorite Twins and Timberwolves players have a wide range of pregame rituals.

[LIVELY MUSIC] - Pre-game ritual is make a cup of coffee. And take it down to the bullpen with me for the first couple of innings.

- I always listen to music before the games. And I always go right to left when getting dressed. So right sock on first before the left. Right shoe on first before the left.

- I get stretched. I come here early and do my [INAUDIBLE] stuff to be ready for the game.

- I always have to make a corner 3 before I go off the court, even though it may take me a while. But I always have to try to get a 23 before I go off the court.

- I do my hot tub for five minutes, get dressed, run four sprints, take about 12 swings in the cage. That's every single day.

- I chew green gum for warm up and blue gum when I walk on the court, when you see us with 20 minutes before the game.

When I was in high school I was wearing a green Jersey for the Saint Joseph Falcons. Then I went to a blue Jersey at Kentucky, which is my favorite color. And then I come to the NBA, and would you know, I'm wearing green and blue together. So kind of goes well.

- I always have a Bible study with my trainer at the house. And then I'll write in my journal. I'll read. And then I watch a film on the way over here. And I'll eat chicken and rice before every game. It's basically the same thing every day, now that I think about it.