Wolves put an end to Heat’s ‘Harlem Shake’

MINNEAPOLIS — When you’re the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Miami Heat are in town, and you have as many wins as Miami had the day after Christmas, there’s a certain brand of inferiority complex that’s bound to creep up. 

It’s manifested itself before, most unfortunately in a man dressed up as a New York Knicks fan who stood on the T-wolves’ home court and caterwauled in a grating New York accent on Feb. 8. (When you are a people known for your own easy-to-mock accent, you should not poke fun of others’.) That was an unfortunate example, but on March 4, Minnesota nailed it.

A week before, the Heat took the concept of a viral video to the next level with their rendition of the “Harlem Shake,” which was posted on the team’s official YouTube account on Feb. 28. It was refreshing to see the defending champions so readily able to refine their music video chops, and the clip still hasn’t lost its novelty after close to too many videos to count.

For the Timberwolves, though, it must have gotten old. Think about it — do you really want to watch the guys who are prepared to come into town and stomp on your collective throat clown around in crowns, capes, and cartoon costumes? Yeah, probably not.
But instead of just sitting back and taking it, the T-wolves made this video, starring a Heat fan, the Timberwolves mascot, Crunch, and a blue plastic bat, which has turned into a viral sensation of its own.

And please, whatever you do, don’t pause the thing until it’s over. God forbid you miss Nikola Pekovic making what may be a Montenegrin come-hither face to the camera. At least his abdominal strain hasn’t cramped his acting style.

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