Wolves’ Hummel set to drop hip-hop album?

Minnesota's Robbie Hummel announced Wednesday on Twitter and Instagram he's been working on a hip-hop album entitled "Road to Redemption."

MINNEAPOLIS — So this is what Robbie Hummel’s been up to all summer.

The Timberwolves forward announced Wednesday on Twitter and Instagram he’s been working on a hip-hop album entitled "Road to Redemption." He teased some lyrics and even reached out to established rapper 50 Cent about a featured appearance.

"Excited to announce that I’ve been in the studio grinding and have finally finished my first hip hop studio album, ROB: Road to Redemption," Hummel posted on his Instagram account. "Look for it in stores and on iTunes this fall. #getmysnareup #turnmyheadphonesup!!!"

A sampling of some of Hummel’s apparently-planned rhymes, courtesy of his Twitter account:

Hummel, formerly a management major at Purdue, tore his ACL twice in college before joining the Wolves as a rookie last season. His latest venture is apparently an outlet for the frustration that came with the injuries.

And 50 Cent and producer Justin Smith — commonly known as Just Blaze — could even have a part in the performance.

Or Hummel, who has no previously known musical experience or acumen, could’ve just been bored on an offseason Wednesday night more than a month before training camp starts and felt like trying to get our goat. In the picture he tweeted along with the announcement, he’s probably recording a spot for the local hardware store back in his hometown of Valparaiso, Ind.

No word on when the album will be released. Or if this is even real at all. Even the Timberwolves seem confused.

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