Vikings’ Kluwe pictured in Out Magazine

Taking his support of same-sex marriage to another level, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has posed in the most recent issue of Out Magazine.

Kluwe, who was photographed for the magazine shirtless and wearing a pair of jeans, has said he is not gay, but is using the photo shoot as a way to show his support for people who he believes are not treated equally by the law.

In recent weeks, he has taken to Twitter, written an open letter on Deadspin and even challenged Minnesota politicians to a debate on the issue.

“It’s all about the Golden Rule,” he told Out. “Treat other people as you want to be treated. It’s that simple. It’s something that needs to be spoken about, and it’s something I can do while fulfilling my job as a football player.”

The Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage Amendment will be featured on the state’s November ballot. If passed, the measure would define marriage as between one man and one woman in the state of Minnesota.

In response to Kluwe’s outspoken stance on same-sex marriage and response to a Maryland pastor and politician’s letter to the Ravens trying to stop a player from speaking out on the issue, former Vikings center Matt Birk wrote an opinion piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in late September.

If nothing else, Kluwe has brought a polarizing subject to the forefront during an election year, and he shows no signs of letting up on the issue.