Vikings give Norseman logo a facelift

The Minnesota Vikings’ logo got a slight — and that might be overstating it — facelift Thursday.

The Vikings’ traditional Norseman logo has been “enhanced” according to team officials. The Norseman, which has been the Vikings’ team logo since the franchise’s inception in 1961, will feature a few subtle changes starting next season. According to Jeff Anderson, the Vikings’ director of corporate communications, the move was made to give the logo “a sharper, more defined look.”

Among the Norseman’s subtle changes are an adjustment of his helmet horns, more defined facial features, brighter gold coloration and shortened hair length.

Fans can expect to see both versions of the Vikings’ logo during the team’s transition to its new stadium in a few years. Merchandise with the enhanced Norseman logo could be available as early as March.

After 52 years, the Norseman, apparently, was due for a touchup – just not much of one.