Vikings’ Allen all ready for Chistmas

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — With Christmas less than a week away, Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has gotten into the spirit of the holiday.

Maybe too into it.

Vikings receiver Michael Jenkins posted a photo on his Instagram account late Wednesday from a party in which Allen was dressed up as the jolly ole elf himself, with a few interesting variations on Kris Kringle’s usual attire.

“Joe Webb and Jared allen at our bible study Xmas party. Wow!!,” Jenkins wrote on his Twitter account, @MikeJenk84.

The fun-loving Allen has said he’s settled down in recent years as a 30-year old dad, but he showed he’s still able to be outlandish in the form-fitting yuletide wear.

Allen also got dressed up earlier this year for Halloween, when he painted his face and neck white and went to the team’s Halloween party as “Thing 1” from the “Cat in the Hat.”

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