Video has fun with Wolves’ bad breaks

First it was Ricky Rubio, way back in March 2012, with that torn ACL that brought on the most downward of spirals. Then the Timberwolves signed Brandon Roy, he of the dooming knee problems and a prodigious lack of cartilage. Then Kevin Love broke his shooting hand in October, and Chase Budinger’s meniscus fell prey to the Bulls in November. Love’s hand healed and then broke again, and Roy hasn’t been seen in a game since November. Add in recurring bangs and bruises to Nikola Pekovic and Andrei Kirilenko, and you have the 2012-13 Timberwolves, more injured than any team in recent NBA history. 
There’s been a silver lining to the crowded bench, though, at least if you have even the most fleeting interest in fashion (or the second incarnation of Justin Timberlake’s career). The Timberwolves’ suits and sport coats have seen more playing time than some of the actual Timberwolves this season, so it only seems fitting they should get their own video from the folks at, a fan site that follows the team.
So in a season in which we will remember Joakim Noah’s dress code violation on one end of the spectrum, let’s also remember Love’s dress shirts and Pekovic’s sometimes-too-short pants, Rubio’s Eurostyle and the running locker room jokes between beat writers comparing the cost of their own jackets with those of the players. I’m sure Mr. Timberlake would approve. 

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