Twins pull NCAA tourney prank on Pelfrey

Starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey (left) was pranked by closer Glen Perkins (right), manager Ron Gardenhire and other members of the Twins.


Who says spring training is all work and no play?

The Minnesota Twins decided to have a little fun with starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey earlier in camp. Pelfrey, a Kansas native who attended Wichita State, is a big Shockers fan and has season tickets to their basketball games. So before Wichita State began its run in the NCAA tournament, the Shockers wanted to hear from alumni like Pelfrey — or so he thought.

Pelfrey was called into Twins manager Ron Gardenhire’s office, where Gardenhire appeared to be calling someone from the Wichita State athletic department. That person turned out to be Minnesota closer Glen Perkins, who was sitting at a table in the Twins’ clubhouse, along with several other players.

Gardenhire urged Pelfrey to offer up some words of encouragement to the Shockers, who earned a No. 1 seed in the tournament after going undefeated during the regular season. What Pelfrey didn’t know was that he was actually talking to his own teammates, and that everything was captured on several hidden cameras in Gardenhire’s office.

"I watch you guys all year," Pelfrey said. "You guys go out and do the same thing you’ve done all year and make the Shockers proud and just go out there and win."

Wichita State wound up losing by two to No. 8 Kentucky in the Round of 32, ending the Shockers’ magical season. Perhaps Pelfrey’s rah-rah speech wasn’t enough to fire up the team.

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