Take your base: Lucky Twins fan snags four foul balls

MINNEAPOLIS — Most baseball fans would be happy to catch just one foul ball in their lifetime.

On Monday, one Twins fan caught enough foul balls for four lifetimes.

Seated in the Legend’s Club behind home plate and just in front of the press box, Scott Johnson got not one, not two, not three but four foul balls throughout the course of the game between the Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Angels. He barely had to move in most cases, too, as the foul balls were hit right to him. Johnson caught three of the foul balls in the air and spotted the fourth one near his club-level seats.

Of course, there wasn’t a ton of competition for Johnson as he snagged the quartet of souvenirs, two of which were given to his two daughters who came to the game with him. The announced attendance at Monday’s game — a makeup from a postponed game on April 17 — was 21,826, but the number of fans in the stands appeared much lower.

Still, four foul balls is impressive enough for a lifetime, let alone one game. Maybe the struggling Twins should sign him up.

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