Smith, Gophers steal Badgers’ best moves

MINNEAPOLIS — Nothing like beating your rivals and then stealing their celebration song.

Shortly after the Minnesota men’s basketball team defeated No. 20 Wisconsin 58-53 in overtime Thursday, the Gophers huddled in the locker room to listen to head coach Tubby Smith. After Smith finished his postgame speech, the team broke into a frenzied celebration as Ke$ha’s “Die Young” blared in the background.

The Badgers danced to the same song in their locker room after they beat No. 3 Michigan last Saturday. Video of Wisconsin’s celebration went viral and was even given a shout-out by Ke$ha on Twitter when she said, “Maybe the hottest/cutest thing I’ve EVER seen.”

When asked whether the Gophers picked that song as a direct jab at their rivals, Minnesota senior Trevor Mbakwe said, “No comment.”

Regardless, the Gophers had some fun with the tune Thursday and were riding high after an important win. Mbakwe can be seen in the video picking up Smith and putting him over his shoulder — but not before the 61-year-old Smith showed off some of his own dance moves.

No word yet on whether Ke$ha was impressed by Smith’s dancing.

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