Shave and a haircut: Gophers videobomb coach

Long gone are the days when men regularly waltzed into the local

barber to get a close shave and look good for the day or week ahead. That is

unless you are part of the University of Minnesota baseball team.

While longtime head coach John Anderson was conducting an in-game interview

from the dugout, a few of his players decided there was no better time to get a

clean cut than during the bottom of the fourth inning — directly behind him and in

full view of the camera.

As the interview was ending, the players played it off coolly, scattering as if

no shenanigans had taken place. Just reason No. 6,789 why college is simply the


The Gophers would go on to give up six runs in the inning and drop the game against Nebraska 7-4, getting bounced from the Big Ten tournament after having beaten Illinois 3-1 earlier in the day. The loss dropped the Gophers to 32-22 overall and ended Minnesota’s season.