Roundup of NFL mock drafts: The Vikings will select . . .

While many still think the Vikings will take a quarterback in the first round, Pittsburgh defensive tackle Aaron Donald has been a choice for some of late.

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All the talk and speculation is over as the NFL Draft is finally upon us.

Well, almost. There’s still time for a little more talk and speculation.

With that in mind, here’s one last look at some NFL mock drafts and their selecitons for the Minnesota Vikings. Most are just one-round drafts, although some did try their hand at more than the initial round. Also, I’ve included the previous picks for some from the last time I did this back on April 9.

Would love to get your take on the picks — and perhaps what your selection would be — in our comments below.

OK, now with that all out of the way, here’s the mocks. Feel free to come back after the draft and compare.

UPDATE: Added a few more mocks Thursday

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