Monday Morning Rewind: KAT plays Monopoly

It’s hard to track everything on the Internet and that’s why we’re here. To start off your week, we bring you some of the videos you might have missed the past seven days.

So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Because who doesn’t want to watch the NBA Rookie of the Year play video Monopoly? …

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… or Duck Game …

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… or another game of Monopoly? Because if there’s nothing longer than playing Monopoly it is watching someone else play.

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"Hello? OnStar? No, I’m good. A bunch of Gophers helped me out."

TC Bear may have to go on the DL after this one.

Perhaps the most intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Ever.

Let’s hope Laquon doesn’t have to catch too many passes from this position.

This won’t get old.

Sliding into the weekend like…

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