Naming three stars of ‘Born to be Wild’ music video

In case you missed it, the Minnesota Wild released a music video Wednesday afternoon to the Steppenwolf song “Born to be Wild,” featuring 16 players at their homes.

Since we miss hockey, like all of you, we named the three stars of the video.

Watch it here:


Let’s get to the podium.


— Brad Hunt: Hunt and future Bemidji State commit, Baby Hunt, weren’t featured for long in the video, but we’re getting some serious Carlos from “The Hangover” vibes. Well done.

— Luke Kunin: What’s a rock song without a badass drummer? In this case, there’s two. Kunin and his dog are the biggest snubs of this list. The kitchen pot drum set was arguably the best prop in the video.



— Kevin Fiala: This is definitely an #OldGuy take, but Fiala gets negative points for the Tik Tok dance. Smh.



— Marcus Foligno: Capturing an audience in a cold open isn’t an easy task. Foligno nailed it. The opening couch scene was brilliant (and relatable), and his point to the camera while rolling down the driveway in a mini four-wheeler set the tone for the entire music video. And let’s not forget Foligno putting his body on the line at the 0:46 mark by falling out of his chair. In hockey terms, Foligno tallied three assists and no goals in this video. But three points is three points.



— Eric Staal: The hair flip was legendary. And if the three Staal boys don’t win a Grammy for their entrance into this video, we’re going to have some problems.



— Alex Stalock: We were wondering why Stalock wasn’t included in the opening three minutes of the video, since singing along to “Born to be Wild” seems like a very Stalock thing to do. But then … the final scene. It was an incredible showing for Stalock, one that rivals his 27-save shutout of Dallas on Jan. 18.