Twins speedster Buxton stealing bases at near-perfect rate

If Byron Buxton gets on base, well, he’s probably taking second, too.

And maybe third.

Buxton set a Twins record earlier this week, stealing his 23rd consecutive base to help Minnesota to an 8-6 win over the Cleveland Indians.

Barring some weirdness in the Twins’ final series of the regular season, the young centerfielder will finish the year as one of the most effective base runners in MLB history.

Since 1951, only Carlos Beltran (2001) and Brady Anderson (1994) have a higher stolen base percentage than Buxton, who has been caught just once this season.

Player Team Season Steal %
Brady Anderson Orioles 1994 96.9
Carlos Beltran Royals 2001 96.9
Byron Buxton Twins 2017 96.6
James Jones Mariners 2014 96.4
Curtis Granderson Tigers 2007 96.3
Chris Duffy Pirates 2006 96.3

Buxton should also finish the season as the fastest man in baseball, per’s Statcast.

One of their newest metrics, dubbed Sprint Speed, attempts to track a player’s top speed on the base paths as measured in the fastest one-second window of a given run.

That pink dot way over there on the right?

That’s him.