Gophers game puts arcade skills to work helping Goldy score TDs

Minnesota fans can get their 8-bit graphics fix with this online game.

Courtesy Minnesota Gophers via T

Can’t wait until the Golden Gophers’ first game against TCU on Thursday? Don’t worry, Minnesota has just the time-killer to pass away the days.

Minnesota released a Frogger-type game called "Go Gopher Go!" where the player has to lead Goldy past a stream of TCU players — as well as some disappearing turtles or something — to his push-up plank to score a touchdown.

Warning: This game is highly addicting and may make your boss wonder why you are screaming out in frustration. Unless, like George Constanza, you’ve been preparing for this moment your whole life.

Minnesota better hope the actual game against TCU isn’t as difficult. And that there are no turtles or logs on the field.

Click here to play.