Murray defers to Peterson, won’t wear 28

Minnesota Vikings running back Latavius Murray is leaving the No. 28 jersey to free agent Adrian Peterson.

Murray — who wore No. 28 with the Oakland Raiders — says he’s ditching the number this season out of respect to Peterson, who famously wore No. 28 during his 10-year career with the Vikings.

“There wasn’t a thought in my mind to try and wear or ask for [the number 28],” Murray said in an Instagram post. “I have too much respect for [Peterson] and so much respect for what he’s done and what he means to this organization.”

Murray says he once wore the number as a reference to Peterson after first taking up a No. 28 jersey as a nod to former Jacksonville Jaguars star Fred Taylor.

“I’m not here to replace [Peterson], he’s irreplaceable,” he said. “I’m not here to be [Peterson], there’s no one like him. I ask that you accept me for the player I am and know that I’m here to give you all I got and to win”