Minnesota athletes make list of best golfers from other sports

Do former Warroad High School star T.J. Oshie's shootout skills transfer to the golf course? Apparently they do.

Jeff Roberson/AP

Golf Digest is back with the latest edition of their definitive ranking of the top 100 non-professional golfers amongst professional athletes, and quite a few local names made the list.

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And, in keeping with local tradition, a few big-name hockey players are near the top.

Former Warroad High School star T.J. Oshie, ex-Wild winger Cal Clutterbuck and one-time Gophers scorer Kyle Okposo all cracked the top 50, suggesting that skill with a hockey stick might correlate to skill with a club.

Or, perhaps, that these guys just like to play a sport where people won’t try to hit them (often) during the offseason.

Something like that.

Either way, the following athletes with ties to Minnesota made the list:

5. Cal Clutterbuck — ex-Wild forward

19. Aaron Hicks — ex-Twins outfielder

25. Kyle Okposo — Former Gophers forward

35. T.J. Oshie — Former Warroad High School forward

64. Mike Miller — ex-Wolves forward

72. Joe Mauer — Twins first baseman

79. Jared Allen — ex-Vikings defensive end

85. Larry Fitzgerald — Minneapolis native

86. Eric Decker — former Gophers wide receiver

92. Lindsay Whalen — Lynx guard, former Gophers guard, from Hutchinson, Minn.

For the full list, click here.