Fun-loving Twins pull prank on bullpen coach Guardado

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minnesota Twins are winning more this year, which means they appear to be having more fun in the clubhouse.

Of course, there’s the well-documented postgame dance parties that take place in the locker room after every Twins home win. Those dances come complete with a fog machine and laser lights while the player of the game dances in front of his teammates.

The Twins have also used an air horn to keep things loose in the clubhouse — and there’s now video footage of it.

Minnesota closer Glen Perkins tweeted a video Tuesday morning after the Twins’ 13-2 win over the White Sox with the caption: "Not only did Bruno (hitting coach Tom Brunansky) dance last night, we made (Eddie) Guardado dance too."

The accompanying video above shows Guardado — the Twins’ bullpen coach and one of the more boisterous voices in the clubhouse — going to his locker before he’s startled by a hidden Brian Duensing blasting the air horn from the back of Guardado’s locker stall. Guardado jumps back in fear, much to the delight of those watching. Duensing did the same thing to starter Mike Pelfrey earlier this month while Pelfrey addressed the media after the game.

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