From Pitino to Pitino: Gophers get 7-foot transfer from Louisville

Matz Stockman won’t have an issue remembering his new head coach’s name.

The 7-foot center is transferring to Minnesota from Louisville, going from one coach Pitino (Rick at Louisville) to another (Richard at Minnesota). The junior will have to sit out the 2017-18 season before he can play with the younger Pitino. He will have one season of eligibility with the Gophers.

In the release announcing his transfer, Stockman said “I’ve been looking for an opportunity to play quality minutes for a long time now and I think this will be a great situation for me.”

Rick Pitino knew exactly which direction to point Stockman to get more minutes and his son is the benefactor, gaining a big man.

“Matz has been a great team member with our basketball team and we appreciate his efforts,” Rick Pitino said in a statement. “Transferring to Minnesota is a great move for him, as he’ll have an opportunity to make an immediate impact when he becomes eligible to play.”

Stockman, a native of Oslo, Norway, is listed by the Cardinals at 7-feet, 240 pounds. He played 25 games while at Louisville, including 21 this past season when he averaged 2.8 points and 1.8 rebounds per game.