Closing of the Metrodome: Readers top moments

Minnesota Vikings fans cheer during the Vikings' final game in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.

Ann Heisenfelt/Associated Press

We provided a comprehensive look at the history of the Metrodome with photo galleries, "best of" lists, memories from current and former players and more.

On our Facebook page we received numerous comments with memories of the Metrodome.

Here is a sampling:

Last Call

Cody Warne: Winning game 163, Scott Baker’s near no hitter, the response by both the Twins & Royals players when the bridge collapsed

Claire Lage: I will miss the dome, it has been part of our lives for the past 32 years and it’s kind of like losing a friend

Favorite Other Events at the Dome

Marsha Lea Meyer-Rassat: U2 in 97′. The sound was terrible but seeing the band come out of a huge lemon was unforgettable.

Josh Truax: Saw the Stones there in ’94, Magic Johnson’s Lakers in ’89 (the Wolves’ only season at the Dome), the ’87 ALCS Game 2, and the Christmas Eve Packers-Vikings game in ’04. Also saw my high school alma mater win the Prep Bowl there once.

Bob Salwasser: Best memory for me was the welcome home rally after we beat Detroit; I have never heard humans make such a loud sound in person, than when they opened the big gate in right field, and the Twins walked out from their buses. I still get goose bumps thinking back to it.

Eric Lind: Monster Trucks and Wrestle Mania.


Luke L Rasmussen: Metrodome- born April 3, 1983. Deceased of old age Jan 18, 2014. On Dec 29, a 72-0 Viking loss to the Lions placed the Dome in a coma, never to recover. The Dome led a dull life with its most exciting things mainly happening to other people: Duke Bluedevils, Washington Redskins, Billy Graham, and Pink Floyd. In its later years a snowstorm resulted in a quadruple bypass for the stadium. In its life it was hated by many. Its Teflon roof polluted the skyline of Minneapolis for far too long. It had as much character as the unnecessary revolving doors at its entrances. On January 18, 2014, doctors rendered the Dome clinically dead and removed it from life support at 10:02 AM. No funeral or memorial service is planned, mainly because nobody wants to go. The Domes younger sister, US Bank Stadium, will be born on September 2, 2016.

Worst Vikings Moment

Kelly Buckley: I had tickets to the roof collapse game. But I had a blast at every Viking, Twins, and Timberwolf game I went to!

Best Vikings Moments

Thomas Waitforit Buege: The two best ones I can think of are Brad Johnsons TD pass to himself and The Minnesota Miracle Favre to Lewis!

Worst Overall Moments

Billy Törma: I was sitting 14 rows up just off the side of the goal post that he missed… that will haunt me the rest of my life… SKOL VIKINGS.

Chris Radzak: obviously running into the kicker. and the blown calls in the ’09 Champ Game. Cant help think the NFL doesn’t want the Vikings to ever win the Super Bowl.

Best Overall Moments

Scott Sackson: 87 World Series game 7! That was the first, and will always be my favorite!

Luke Herbert Royce: Watchin the twins come back from 6 runs against the white sox to force a game 163 in the Al central!

Loren Miller: Puckett leaping to catch the ball against the plexi glass in the 1991 World Series game 6.

Brian Skipton Greg Lewis’ last second touchdown from the one and only Brett Favre, vs the 9ers

Tim Reardon: The giant sucking sound as you exit through the revolving doors. I would have to say watching Randy Moss in his first game against Tampa bay in 1998.

JR Watje: Both World Series, AP’s record setting rushing game….. Hard to pick one!!!!! Bittersweet…. Final Fours, Concerts, Prep football, Monster trucks, Motorcross… How many other events………WOW!!! Tough to pick just one……….

Gordie Raynes "And we’ll see you Tomorrow Night"