Albers for prime minister? These fans thinks so

Andrew Albers sizzled in his MLB debut on Tuesday night, throwing 8 1/3 innings of shutout baseball and only allowing one runner to reach second base against Kansas City.

As impressive as that is, it pales in comparison to having your own fan club travel on the road with you to show their support as the Twins fans in this video did for the rookie pitcher.

These five guys went all-out, painting their chests to show Albers love and even bringing a sign that suggests Albers should run for Prime Minister in Canada, his native country.

Canadian politics are not our specialty, but if one great start gets you the head gig up north, imagine what an All-Star nomination would garner him. The Queen better watch her back or Albers face may be showing up on the currency before long.

One more thing. Who declared it was Paint Your Chest Day and Travel With the Twins Day? These guys were not the only shirtless, chest-painting Twins fans at Kauffman Stadium on Tuesday. A little hint, though, instead of creating Flat Stanleys or doubling up on a letter, combine forces next time.