World Cup of Hockey Team Canada v. Team USA: Game Review

Team USA did it. They beat Team Canada in their first attempt with a 4-2 win over New York Islanders John Tavares and his boys. But can they sustain it through out the World Cup of Hockey?

Team USA were the better team on the scoresheet, getting the better of Team Canada by a two-goal margin. But does Canada’s 43-25 shot differential mean more going into tomorrow’s game? Was Canada unlucky to lose?

Maybe. But maybe not at the same time. The US won in the only category that ultimately matter, goals. Oh, and that Johnathan Quick guy was pretty good too. (Who am I kidding Quick was simply amazing in nets).

The US were built with an edge. The team would be tough, hard, and sometimes walk that line between roughing and being rough. And we saw that physicality express itself in this pre-tournament game.

Remember: This tournament is being played with NHL rules and not IIHF rules which are way more severe when it comes to fighting. We almost saw a fight today. Don’t expect the gloves to stay on the entire tournament.

Case-in-point, that Ryan Kesler hit on Shea Weber. Kesler would get a game misconduct for that hit. The US wouldn’t hold back in this tournament.

Exhibition or not the US were playing for keeps. And man did it get under Team Canada’s skin.

Tavares and Stamkos Partner

Isles fans’ minds went wild seeing Steven Stamkos on a line with our very own John Tavares. Remember the rumors this summer linking Stamkos to the New York Islanders? We certainly haven’t forgotten.

Seeing them on the ice together jogged the old brain. Just think of the damage they could do together in Brooklyn. That play where Stamkos had a free shot right in the slot. Just imagine that over an 83 game season.

Then you remember Florida’s 0% income tax and the damage the two would inflict on our salary cap and you keep those thoughts for your dreams.

We say Claude Giroux go off with what seemed like an injury. And Sochi flashbacks starting flowing back. The last thing we want to see is Tavares go down with a season-ending injury before the season even begins.

Let’s just hope Tavares has some fun playing with Stamkos and comes back in perfect health for the regular season.

We’re already stressing out over the game itself, but the stress of a potential injury is becoming its own very real burden for fans. We want our guys to win, but it losing means they’ll be healthy we’ll take that too.

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