Watch the NHL All-Star Game’s highlights from a ref’s perspective

If you like hockey goals and train horns, you probably enjoyed Sunday’s NHL All-Star Game in Los Angeles. If you like defense, well… maybe next year. (But probably not.)

A plethora of goals in the 3-on-3 action meant that the game’s referees were kept pretty busy, as evidenced by the above montage of clips captured from the first-person ref cam during the event. It’s clear that officials got a solid arm workout by having to signal for goals every few minutes.

Even if you’re not a fan of the All-Star Game and the minimal effort performances that come with it, It’s always pretty neat to get an up close, ice-level look at the action. The ref cam has been a great addition to hockey over the past few years and has allowed fans to get a unique glimpse at the sport, so bringing it to the ASG with so much elite talent on the ice was a smart call.