Watch Sidney Crosby score an insane one-handed, backhanded goal

Throw away your ‘goal of the year’ ballots, we’ve found our winner. (Probably.)

Sidney Crosby scored his 41st tally of the year on Tuesday night and it was the best of the lot for him (or anyone else) this year. In the final seconds of the first period, the Penguins captain cut through the Buffalo defense like warm butter and unleashed a one-handed, backhanded flip past Robin Lehner for a 1-0 lead.

One-handed. Backhanded. Goal.

Yes, it came against the Sabres’ porous defense. No, it wasn’t the greatest effort from Lehner. But those attempts to discredit this goal’s greatness are a waste of time. Crosby could have been the only player on the ice and this would still remain a ridiculous play. It’s an absurd display of strength and skill.

Just enjoy it.