Watch Marc-Andre Fleury dive and bat puck out of mid-air for incredible save

If the Pittsburgh Penguins weren’t the reigning Stanley Cup champions, I’d say they should work on assembling a baseball team.

While Sidney Crosby has been batting pucks out of mid-air for goals all season, it was time for Pens goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury to show off his baseball skills against the Devils on Tuesday night. We already knew Fleury was solid with the glove, but now we also know he’s got skills swinging the lumber.

After a shot by New Jersey’s Adam Henrique was deflected and seemed to be on a high-arcing path straight to the back of the net, Fleury took the chance to show off some pure athleticism. The goaltender contorted his body and dove back towards the net, clubbing the puck out of mid-air as it tumbled towards his net.

It wasn’t the best technical save we’ve seen this season, but it showed some quick reaction time and was incredibly impressive nonetheless. And the good thing about baseball is that Fleury only has to succeed on that play one out of every three times and he’ll still be considered great.