Young Capitals fan loses it after receiving Penguins hat for birthday (VIDEO)

While this Washington Capitals fan, left, can come to terms with those who support the Pittsburgh Penguins, it's not always the case.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hockey loyalties run deep even at an early age, as one young Washington Capitals fan recently revealed in his not-so-subtle way.

Meet Oliver M., who is a few weeks shy of his fifth birthday. A die-hard Capitals fan through and through, Oliver didn’t appreciate the "gift" of a rival Penguins hat from a friend who happens to be a Pittsburgh native.

While Oliver’s reaction is perhaps expected, his father, Diller, offered a bit more to the story to Russian Machine Never Breaks.

"One of his little friends who was unable to attend the party caught up with us yesterday and gave him his present," Diller told the website. "… As soon as (Oliver) made the first rip, I saw gold wool sticking out of the package, and knew what was happening. Being a good father in the 21st century, I grabbed my phone to record the inevitable reaction."

According to the website, the father planned to exchange the hat for a Capitals cap as Oliver steadfastly refused to don the Penguins lid under any circumstance.

Gee, make one wonder what Oliver’s reaction would be if he received a Philadelphia Flyers hat?

(h/t Russian Machine Never Breaks)