Alex Ovechkin slams into goalie Roberto Luongo in open ice

Roberto Luongo took a very painful gamble Sunday afternoon.

The Florida Panthers goaltender wandered way out of his crease to chase a loose puck that Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin also was pursuing, and it didn’t end particularly well for either of them. The two collided pretty viciously, with Ovechkin barreling into the goaltender and leaving him in a world of pain down on the ice.

On the bright side, Luongo was successful in stopping Ovechkin on a clear breakaway. There was no penalty called on the play, and although Luongo remained on the ice for a few moments, he did stay in the game.

Ovechkin also avoided injury.

While those two certainly stole the show, take another look at the incredible save Panthers forward Scottie Upshall makes after the big hit. Upshall did his best goaltender impression, making an impressive kick save — on a goal that wouldn’t have counted because play was stopped.