Canucks’ Daniel Sedin hit in face by puck, loses teeth and gushes blood everywhere

For an NHL player, getting a few teeth knocked out is no big deal.

Want proof?

On Monday night Vancouver’s Daniel Sedin took a puck to the mouth in the first three minutes of the Canucks’ home game vs. Arizona. (See video above)


The incident happened when the Coyotes’ Michael Stone swatted the biscuit out of midair with his hand inadvertently into Sedin’s face. Sedin went to the bench as blood gushed out of his mouth, then went to the locker room.

He returned after about 11 minutes and scored early in the third period to cut the Canucks’ deficit to 3-2, which turned out to be the final score.

Sedin didn’t talk to reporters after the game, but his brother Henrik Sedin did.

"I think he (Daniel) lost three or fourth teeth," Henrik Sedin said according to "It’s just an accident that happens. He came back so that’s good. A few teeth is not a big deal. That shouldn’t stop you from playing."

If only NFL, MLB and NBA players would follow the same philosophy … and don’t get us started with soccer.