Unsung Heroes of the Week: Mantha, Marner, Puempel

NHL Weekly Unsung Heroes:  Detroit Red Wing Anthony Mantha Tied Up the Centennial Classic Game for His Team in Seconds, Toronto Maple Leaf Mitch Marner Grabbed a Big Goal in the Centennial Game, New York Ranger Matt Puempel Grabbed a Game-Winning Hat Trick and a Bonus!

The NHL has the three stars of the week but here at Puck Prose, we want to give recognition for some of the unsung heroes of the week. Unsung heroes are players who made big moves for their teams or careers and might have slipped under the radar.

NHL Weekly Unsung Heroes

Anthony Mantha

Detroit Red Wing forward Anthony Mantha performed incredibly well for Detroit this week. Mantha was a very influential player in the Centennial Classic and, despite Detroit’s loss, gave his team the opportunity to stay in the game.

Mantha scored Detroit’s game-tying goal with just 1.1 seconds left in the regulation. The forward recorded Detroit’s first and last goals of the match and was a phenomenal ice-presence for the team.

Mantha currently has nine goals and 16 points in 22 games this season. He has been a very reliable and productive player for the Red Wings, especially in face of the injury problems the team has been facing.

Mantha earns a place on the unsung heroes list for his strong performance for his team and ability to keep them in the game.

Mitch Marner

Toronto Maple Leafs rookie Mitch Marner has been performing very well for Toronto so far this season. Though sometimes there is an emphasis on fellow Toronto rookie Auston Matthews, Marner has definitely been a standout player.

Marner grabbed the Leafs’ first tie-breaking goal in the first half of the third period and put the Leafs up 2-1.  Marner has been great for the Leafs this season and this game was no different. Despite any possible nerves for his first big outdoor game, Marner was able to perform well and be an asset to his team.

This season Marner has nine goals and 27 points. Marner has been a big boost in offensive production for the Leafs and has been a positive on-ice presence.

Matt Puempel

New York Ranger Matt Puempel recorded his first career hat trick in the team’s game against the Arizona Coyotes on Dec. 29. Puempel recorded three power play goals in the 6-3 victory and was a big reason for the Rangers’ big win.

The Rangers claimed Puempel off waivers from the Ottawa Senators in November and the forward has been proving his worth ever since. Puempel’s performance in New York’s game against Arizona was demonstrative of the skills the 23-year-old is yet to show.

Puempel has five goals and six points in 22 games this season. The forward earned five of these points in his last five games, which is indicative of the potential Puempel has now that he is comfortable and excelling with his new team.

Bonus: Jared Coreau

Detroit Red Wings goaltender Jared Coreau had only played three NHL games before taking the ice to start the Centennial Classic on Jan. 1. Despite the team’s loss in the Centennial game, Coreau still had a good game despite his low experience.

Coreau saved 23 of 28 shots he faced during the game and posted a save percentage of .821. Though one might not find this impressive, Coreau came into this game with very little NHL-level experience and, for his experience, performed well.

In his career (of four NHL games), Coreau has two wins and a .889 save percentage. Coreau has a lot of potential ahead of him and, therefore, deserved recognition for the role he played for the Red Wings in their time of need.

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