Tuukka Rask orders matching goalie mask for 9-year-old Bruins super fan

A few weeks ago, 9-year-old Maddie Santosuosso joined Tuukka Rask on the ice at Boston Bruins practice last, decked out in a brand new set of goalie gear, almost identical to that of the B’€™s goaltender.

As part of a Make-A-Wish event, Santosuosso got a matching jersey, the identical pads and same glove. All that was missing was a copy of Rask’€™s custom snarling-bear goalie mask, which the netminder was unable to acquire in time.

That’s no longer the case, as Rask has since commissioned his mask artist, Ron Slater, to design Maddie a mask of her own.

The finished product is identical to the one Rask wears in net, with a few notable alterations: Maddie’€™s name (rather than Rask’s surname) is spelled out below the cage, and the back plate features a yellow ribbon and the words "Kick Sarcoma" — a reference to the disease from which Maddie is suffering.

All told, it looks pretty awesome.

Check out the mask in the photos below:


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