Maple Leafs promise they’ll find a use for seemingly forgotten Frank Corrado

Frank Corrado cannot find his way into the Leafs' lineup and nobody has been able to figure out why.
Graig Abel

The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired defenseman Frank Corrado off waivers back on Oct. 6, but they have yet to figure out how to get the 22-year-old into a game. It appears the Leafs do want to keep Corrado, because if the team wanted to send him to the AHL, they would have to put Corrado on waivers and risk another team claiming the young defenseman. So while Corrado has been a healthy scratch for six weeks, the team's decision not to send him down shows some interest on their part.

But when reporters asked coach Mike Babcock what the plan is for Corrado, the coach did not sound convincing in his argument that Corrado has a place with the Leafs.

“Frankie's gonna get his go, he doesn't need you guys lobbying for him,” Babcock told reporters. “I know he's here, he'll be fine. We'll make sure he gets in and gets playing.

“We have a plan, just because we haven't shared it with you doesn't mean we don't have a plan.”

Convincing, right? 

Corrado is not a star defenseman by any means, but he is a 22-year-old prospect who seems like he is in a great position to get his feet wet at the NHL level. After all, the Leafs are not expected to contend this season, and aside from Dion Phaneuf, Morgan Rielly and Jake Gardiner, the defensive core seems decently expendable. There is no clear reason why the Leafs cannot swap Corrado in for a player like Martin Marincin.

The Leafs have yet to do so, and reporters and fans continue to wonder why not. But Babcock clearly is not willing to reveal his plan, so it seems for now both Toronto fans and Corrado will just have to wait and see. 

(h/t The Score)

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