Toronto Maple Leafs: Goals, Assists, and Penalties

“Goals, Assists, and Penalties” is a collection of NHL and Toronto Maple Leafs news, and my opinions on the subjects.

“Goals” are deemed to be something positive, “Penalties” are deemed to be something negative, and “Assists” are generally something positive but often could be better about the Toronto Maple Leafs. Enjoy.

Penalty: This argument between the NHL and NHLPA over whether or not to go to the Olympics next year. What is the NHL’s end game here? I’m in the minority of not wanting the players to go, but at this point doesn’t the NHL have to let them go? Stop playing around and let them go to South Korea.

Penalty: The NHL putting in new goalie equipment changes mid-season.  Each goalie must where form fitting goalie pants now, slimming down the sides and making a little more room for the puck.  Although this was expected it is still ridiculous to make an equipment change mid-season.  Why in the world could they not wait until the end of the season?

Goal: Nylander’s hat trick.

Assist: Marchenko in, Corrado out.  On the weekend, Alexay Marchenko was picked up off of waivers and then Frank Corrado was waived and unclaimed sending him to the Marlies. Marchenko is not expected to play tonight, but expect him to get in the lineup very soon. Lets see what this kid can do.  Maybe he can make Polak expendable and we can trade him for another pick.

Penalty: Marincin.  Three penalties Saturday night. Sloppy. If Marchenko plays well, could he be the odd man out and traded?

Assist: Gardiner’s +-.  He leads the team with a Plus +14.  That is 8 above anyone else. Everyone knows this stat is useless, but when he is that much better than anyone else on the team you at least have to look at it. But then again, this is probably just me trying to find a way to justify my liking for him.

Goal: 56 points. That is how many points Nylander is on pace for this season.  And people are thinking of trading the 20 year old? Does anyone else realize Jack Eichel had 56 points in his first season? Oh, not fair because that was last year and Eichel was younger? If Eichel wasn’t injured and was able to play 81 games this season (Like Nylander is expected to this season) he would be on pace for 62 points…not a far cry from 56.  Not to mention the 56 (projected points) for Nylander this season is on a checking line. Prospective people.

Assist: Shattenkirk to the Toronto Maple Leafs.  If I have to hear this one more time…agh! Not that this doesn’t make at least some sense, but rather the amount of talk that it gets for the likelihood that it is to happen makes zero sense. I never thought I would be saying this but can’t we just start talking about something else like, Tavares signing in Toronto in two seasons? Kidding. Please don’t.

Goal:  JVR quietly having the best season of his career.

Goal: I know I am going back a couple of weekends now, but isn’t it nice to be able to send someone to the All star game that isn’t picked last and isn’t Leo Komarov?

Assist: Joe Bowen. If you miss his excitement on TV as much as I do, sign this.

Under Review: “Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs?” – Jim Mora

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