Toronto Maple Leafs: A Ten Point Week In Review

The Toronto Maple Leafs went 0-2 this week, losing by a combined score of 11-4 over the two games.

It certainly wasn’t the ideal return to the ice for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but it’s where we are. Here are ten thoughts on the past week for the Leafs.

1) The sky is not falling. Teams lose hockey games, it’s just magnified when the Leafs do it. This team has been a top ten team for the majority of the season. Two games doesn’t change that.

2) Shattenkirk rumors continue. McKenzie said the Leafs aren’t set up to trade for him. Can we all just agree, now that The Bobfather has spoken? Shattenkirk is a terrible fit for the Toronto Maple Leafs. End of story.

3) Mitch Marner is amazing. He was in on three of the four Leafs goals this week. Remember when everyone was comparing Matthews-Marner to Toews-Kane prior to their NHL debuts? They aren’t far off, except Marner/Matthews is better.

My point is, in the comparison, Marner would be Kane. Do you think Toews wins three Cups by himself? Not a chance. Marner is as important to Toronto as Matthews is.

4) Unrelated to the week, but hasn’t it been nice to not hear rumors of John Tavares coming to Toronto? There’s no chance Tavares re-signs in that dumpster fire in New York after 2017-2018.

They’ve wasted his entire career so far by being one of the worst run teams in the league. With this well known knowledge available to anyone it’s shocking that Tavares to Toronto hasn’t been dug up recently.

5) Babcock’s Dallas line shuffle was a rookie move by a veteran coach. Line juggling that much in game is stupid. It almost never works and is a tactic used by a rookie coach in panic mode because things aren’t going his way. It’s disappointing to see this from the Leafs coach, but it isn’t a big deal for one game.

6) For tonight’s game the Leafs players need to be aware of Brad Marchand. He is hockey scum and will go out of his way to attempt to injure someone who isn’t paying attention. This has nothing to do with Martin keeping the flies off. This is self awareness for the top players.

7) Frank Corrado is finally free. As James Tanner wrote earlier today, Corrado is on waivers and that’s great. The Leafs were mishandling his career something fierce and he’ll finally get to play hockey and develop – whether it’s with the Marlies or another organization. It’s hard for a player to develop when he gets a game here and there, and if he sneezes out of turn he’s back to selling 50/50 tickets at the ACC.

8) Marchenko isn’t Corrado’s replacement. Alexey Marchenko isn’t replacing Corrado, he’s replacing Polak for next year. Under contract for another year, Marchenko is the 3rd pairing right shot defender the Leafs will use as a bridge until they get three solid pairs. Babcock knows him, so he won’t start in the doghouse.

9) The Leafs are exploring options, per The Fourth Period. We’ve read the countless rumors on the Leafs looking for defensive help and that they’re looking at a depth center. I stand by Nic Dowd as that depth center and the fact he could be Toronto’s Nick Bonino. Less than a month until the trade deadline, so we should start seeing moves soon that act as dominoes.

10) Martin Marincin had a great week. Perhaps the most hated Leafs player by fans other than Jake Gardiner, Marincin was the Leafs best defender this week. His CF-CA at 5v5 was 42-22 – or 65.6%CF – over the two games. More good things happen than bad when he’s on the ice and the hate for him is unnecessary.

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