Hockey is no longer the most popular sport in Toronto on Twitter

The Blue Jays beat out the Maple Leafs in Twitter followers.

In a sure sign that Blue Jays fever has official swept the Greater Toronto area, the Toronto Blue Jays eclipsed the Maple Leafs in Twitter followers recently. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Blue Jays had 1.08 million followers on Twitter while the Maple Leafs sit at 1.04 million. It's an interesting switch in a city which is perceived to be one of the hockey capitals of the world. 

Christopher Doyle, the Director of Media at Twitter Canada, said he believes the Blue Jays are gathering a larger following both thanks to their strong season and their ability to really connect with fans via the social media platform.

“One of the factors we see is that so many of the players are connected to the fans on Twitter,” Doyle said to the National Post. “I think has a tremendous amount of value. Fans really feel connected to this team and I think you saw that after the game five win when they were out there still celebrating with the fans.”

Twitter Canada recently conducted a survey on Twitter and Canadian hockey fans, and one study they conducted compared Canadian cities' population totals to the number of Twitter followers for the nation's seven hockey teams. The Maple Leafs have the most followers of any Canadian hockey team, but they actually ranked last in Twitter followers compared to the population with a 5.9:1 ratio of population to Twitter followers. The Jets earned the top spot with a 2.6:1 ratio.

 (h/t National Post, Twitter Canada)

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