Tom Hanks ‘phones in’ his opinion on lightning-fast goal

Toronto, we have a problem.

During the third period of Saturday night’s matchup between the Kings and the Flames, Justin Williams fired off a shot that left the net as quickly as it found it, leading to some confusion on the ice as the referees initially waved off the goal.

One man in the stands knew what he saw, however, and Mr. Tom Hanks himself joined the throngs of Los Angeles fans in their desperate attempts to convince the refs to call in for a review. While there may be no crying in baseball, there is certainly calling in hockey, and Hanks made a telephone with his hands, emphatically signaling for a review.

The officials eventually gave in, and the goal stood, but the Kings would eventually go on to lose, 2-1.

Check out Hanks showing off his acting chops in the video below: