Fleury helps fundraise for youth team

Theo Fleury has been retired from the NHL for 10 years, but he’s still thrilling his fans.

Fleury recently received a tweet from a fan in St. Cloud, Minn., who was trying to raise money for his young daughter’s friend. The girl’s family had only enough money to pay for one of three daughters to play hockey, so the two youngest were told to wait until next year.

Fleury tweeted the story to his followers and within hours, several people had pledged more than enough to cover the $435 fee — for both of the youngest sisters.

Fleury didn’t stop there. He called the fan, Brent Pakkala, and said he’d like to help raise more funds for youth hockey in the St. Cloud area, waiving his regular $12,500 appearance fee.

“If I were playing (as a kid) these days,” Fleury told WJON.com, “it never would have worked (financially).”