The Centurion Is Finished, Bring Back The “O”

A major obstacle for the Ottawa Senators moving forward is that of their logo.

Let’s face it, the centurion logo has not aged well. In fact, it never looked striking nor definitive  back in 1992 when the franchise returned to the Canadian Capital. The 3D centurion is not just dated, it has never looked NHL worthy. For the Sens to fully secure their identity as an NHL powerhouse in the same league as their rivals Montreal and Toronto, they need to go back to basics.

Simplicity Is Key

Take a look at any successful franchise in the NHL and you’ll see that their logo is simple yet effective. Look no further than the Original Six, they haven’t toyed too much with their historic logos. With that comes nostalgia and recognition.

Similarity With The Vegas Golden Knights Logo Problematic

With the arrival of the Vegas Golden Knights into the NHL and their Spartanesque helmet, originality will be key to maintain merchandise sales and brand awareness. The Roman derived logo although fitting the Senators name and Capital status needs to change.

Back To Black (With Red and White Hoops)

The original “O” logo is where the Sens must return. It’s simple, refined and above all connects the team to its glorious past. In doing so the hope of returning to those successful times. Whenever the Sens don their third kit, the league is in awe.

The noticeable shoulder patches in both English and French representing the importance of the two cultures that meet in Ottawa. For those two languages make up the country, so should it be in the nation’s capital.

The iconic horizontal hoops of red and off-white. In an era where new is sometimes better, not here, returning to tradition is a necessity. It will bring stability to the franchise. In the 25th year of the organization’s return to the city, now more than ever is the time to bring the club back to its’ roots.

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