Teemu Selanne uses golf course for slap shot target practice

Jeff Gross/Getty Images


Teemu Selanne is a few years removed from his final game in the NHL, but the hockey legend can apparently still shoot the puck with pinpoint accuracy…even if it happens to be on a golf course.

The 46-year-old Selanne was present at the Anaheim Ducks’ charity golf tournament this week and he apparently packed his hockey stick inside his golf bag for the occasion. A slab of ice was brought out onto the course and the Finnish icon took some shots on a net placed in the middle of the links.

As Selanne set up for a shot, one person off-camera urged him to go "bar-down" on the goal, to which he responded by doing just that.

That’s a pretty impressive display of target practice right there — especially with a slapper — and it was followed up with an excellent celebration. The celebration is always key.