Report: Steve Moore now suing Canucks, Bertuzzi for $68 million for ’04 hit

A tearful Todd Bertuzzi talked to the media about his incident with Steve Moore just two days after he punched him.

Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Former Avalanche forward Steve Moore has increased his demand for damages in a civil suit against the Vancouver Canucks and their former forward Todd Bertuzzi stemming from a 2004 incident where Bertuzzi hit Moore from behind, the Toronto Sun reports.

Moore is now calling for $68 million, up from $38 million, the Star reports. Bertuzzi was suspended 17 months by the NHL for the incident. Moore never played another game.

The incident occurred March 8, 2004 and came shortly after Moore delivered a questionable hit on Canucks captain Markus Naslund.

"When the anniversary comes around, it’s hard not to reflect on the impact this has had on my life, which is dramatic," Moore said in a phone interview with The Canadian Press earlier this year. "At the same time I think a lot about how grateful I am that this wasn’t worse. Every time I watch it I have the same reaction other people have, which is shock and disgust. It’s just a little stronger when it’s yourself you’re looking at and when you’re aware of everything that happened in the three weeks leading up to it — the threats and all those things."

The civil trial is slated to begin Sept. 8 and could last more than four months if no settlement is reached beforehand, the Star reports.

Bertuzzi, who spent five seasons with the Red Wings, is a free agent.