St. Louis Blues Winter Classic Jerseys Are…OK

The St. Louis Blues finally unveiled their Winter Classic jerseys. We’ve known what they looked like for awhile now, but got to see the full uniform.

The St. Louis Blues unveiled their Winter Classic jerseys on Wednesday morning. While we had known what they would look like for awhile, due to a leak on the NHL’s website, it was a nice distraction from all the whining going on regarding national issues.

As the focus shifts away from the national debate, we can shift to a debate that really matters. What do you think of the uniforms?

Personally, I think they are…OK. I don’t dislike them, but they don’t wow me like I had hoped.

In all honesty, some of that is due to personal expectation. I knew it wouldn’t happen, but there were a few things I wanted to see in this jersey that were not.

First and foremost, I wanted them to be white. That might put me in the minority, but it has more to do with my memory than anything.

We’ve all gotten used to the current uniform situation where the home team wears the colors and the road team is in white. It was done to boost jersey sales for the darker jerseys though.

I grew up watching the Blues play in their clean white uniforms going up against the bright red of Chicago in the old barn. It was a beautiful contrast.

The Bluenote popped against the white background. The cuff colors were a nice contrast as well. It just had a very classic look.

For nostalgia sake, I had hoped the Blues would go with a white uniform to evoke those old memories. I knew it was not likely, but I still wanted it.

That said, focusing on what we did get, it’s just OK. I’m not a fan of the collar because the roundness of it makes it look like a Wal-Mart jersey (no offense to anyone that owns those).

I don’t care for the shade of blue, but that’s mostly due to the fact it isn’t what I’m used to. I compare it to when people get a haircut.

Don’t ask me what I think because I’m one of those people that doesn’t know what I think until I get used to it. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I just don’t love it at first sight.

I actually do like the note. At first it kind of stuck out to me since it was thinner and just different looking, but I like the shape of it.

Back to the issue of color, it would have been better to have the jersey and the note not be the same color. Sure, it can be seen due to the border colors. A different shade of blue on the symbol or on the jersey would have made it stand out more.

I will say they look better as part of the full uniform than just a picture on the NHL’s website. I did not like the placement of the cuff colors in the picture, but seeing Alex Pietrangelo actually wear it makes it look much better.

As an overall kit, it looks pretty good. There were just a few things I had wanted that were not included.

Beyond just the look of them, I have to commend the Blues social media staff again. They made the most of an unenviable position after the leak and played it off with humor.

The ultimate test will be on January 2, 2017. Things can look one way on a website, a different way in a photo shoot and a complete third way when viewed on television.

So, we have them. They’re out in the world now. Now we just wait and see how they look when in motion in the frosty air at Busch Stadium.

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