St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Winter Classic Is Classic Win

The St. Louis Blues showed up yesterday in the Winter Classic. Their performance was a big step in the right direction for the rest of this season.

The St. Louis Blues have given us false hope before. They go on streaks and have guys scoring at will only to have it all come crashing down.

That may very well continue to be the case as we press forward. It is hard to imagine this team snapping their fingers and becoming a model of consistency.

That said, there felt like something was different with this game. The team was focused and prepared.

They did the little things that you need to do to win consistently. St. Louis came in with a game plan and implemented it perfectly, with a fortunate bounce here or there. You do need those from time to time.

It all went about as perfectly as it could. You got two goals from Vladimir Tarasenko.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, there was not a need for Tarasenko to prove anything to us. Blues fans love him and know he’s capable of great things.

It was important that he showed an ability to put the team on his back. The Brett Hull comparisons will never end no matter how tiresome they are, but that’s what Hull could do. If Tarasenko becomes that kind of player, then watch out.

Also, Alexander Steen scored. It was only his fourth of the season, but it has to be good for him to get off that goose egg he has been riding for so long.

It was just an all around team effort. Guys were blocking shots, pushing guys around and playing smart hockey.

Maybe it won’t matter by the end of the season. Chicago might win the rest of the regular season games. They might win another Cup.

The Blues might keep on keeping on with their ups and downs. Nobody knows.

This game could be the start of something though. Nobody is saying the Blues are going to win the Stanley Cup, but we might look back on this at the end of the season and remark how it was a turning point. We can only hope.

Here are your St. Louis Blues Morning Links to get your day started off right.

The Blues won the game and were the beneficiaries in the standings. The fans were the real winners with some memories they won’t soon forget – if they ever forget them. (KSDK)

Some of the Blues biggest contributors were their key players. The Captain, the scorer and the goaltender all played a big role in the win. They had their moment to discuss things after the game. (Blues)

Ken Hitchcock is usually pretty low key whether the team wins or loses. You could tell he was beaming about the win and he was not shy about sharing his praise for the way the team played either. (Blues)

Before the Winter Classic was played, Ken Hitchcock reminisced about outdoor games of the past. While yesterday’s game was his first in the NHL, it was not the first outdoor game he had played. His other fresh air contest was behind bars. (STLToday)

With all the talk of weather and ice conditions, it all ended up working out pretty well. The consensus after the game was that the ice played no part in determining the outcome of the game. (St. Louis Gametime)

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Outdoor games provide memorable moments for fans and players alike. The NHL put together the best ten moments from the Winter Classic and Centennial Classic combined. (NHL)

The Blues may have been determined not to let the game slip away from them, but the Us Junior team almost did just that. After a strong start against Switzerland, it took a furious finish for the team to get a berth into the semifinals. (ESPN)

Have a great day Blues fans!

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