St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Well Deserved Rest

Good morning Blues fans! We’re all continuing to take a break from actual NHL play. The team is resting up and fans are still basking in the glow of the Winter Classic.

The St. Louis Blues are enjoying their final rest day before returning to action on Thursday. It has been a well deserved couple days off.

The Blues went into the Winter Classic with talk of distractions, coaching changes and blowing up the team. They came out of it about as squeaky clean as one game will get you.

I’ve said it in three straight pieces and it remains true. We have no idea what this team will do the rest of the season.

The Blues could come out of the Winter Classic, play like they did against Chicago and go on a nice run through January. They could cement their place in the playoffs and focus on the second season.

The Blues could also go through another run like December and have us all asking if they will even make the playoffs. Recent times have proven that all you need to do is get in, but the Blues need to be going into the spring with some good form, not what we saw just before Christmas.

The good thing about everything from here on out is the Blues can be a little freer. If the lead up to the outdoor game truly was a distraction, now that it is over they can focus more and maybe find this elusive identity.

Having never been in that situation, I can’t say that the extra cameras and attention would not have an effect. Whether you agree with the idea that it did or not, it’s all done now.

The Blues won the Winter Classic and can look forward now. Carolina is not far behind St. Louis in points, but they are not currently in the playoff race.

Statistically, they are a team the Blues should be able to beat. Additionally, the Hurricanes are not good on the road and St. Louis is great at home.

It’s time to keep that home defense going, get a streak open and start pushing their way back up the standings. For now, though, it’s time to rest.

Here are your St. Louis Blues Morning Links to get your day started off right.

Over the last couple days, we’ve been praising up the team. The fans got their fair share of recognition and continue to do so. Dan Buffa took to his own space to praise up the Blues faithful. (St. Louis Gametime)

Staying on the theme of talking up everything to do with Winter Classic, we switch the focus to the city and the event itself. It was a celebration of the city and how hockey has taken root here. Even national pundits conceded that St. Louis outdid their predecessors with the showcase they put on. (Sporting News)

Switching back to actual hockey news, the Blues finally ended Ty Rattie’s stay in hockey limbo, aka the press box. They are attempting to send him back to the AHL, but it isn’t quite that simple. (Arch Authority)

All we hear these days is how much the city will benefit from this or that. An MLS stadium was the latest proposal to revitalize the downtown area, but now the Blues are throwing their hat into the arena. Tom Stillman is asking the city for a large sum of funds to renovate the Scottrade Center. (St. Louis Business Journal)

Want your voice heard? Join the Bleedin’ Blue team!

The Columbus Blue Jackets have somehow gone from a nobody type team to one of the best in the league. They are now one win away from tying the league’s record for most wins in a row. (NHL)

The NHL announced its captains for the upcoming All-Star Game in Los Angeles. The captains will again select their three-on-three teams. As usual, the Blues did not have a representative as a captain, but (at least for now) Chicago did not either. (ESPN)

Have a great day Blues fans!

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