St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Time To Get Back On Right Track

Good morning Blues fans! The St. Louis Blues will be back at it tonight. They have an opportunity to get back on the right track and get some revenge tonight.

The St. Louis Blues have not played as well during this home stand as they have other times in the Lou. They are currently .500 through four games at home, but have a chance to get back on the positive side tonight.

The Blues also have a chance to get some revenge. I use that word loosely since they already have a win over the Dallas Stars back on December 20 and also the 28th of November.

That said, the Blues have taken an extra period to beat the Stars in those games. Dallas took St. Louis behind the woodshed 6-2 when the Stars got their victory.

St. Louis needs to get a regulation win over Dallas at this point. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things as Dallas is struggling to get into playoff position, but it matters in terms of the Blues taking advantage of struggling teams.

Wins are wins, that is true, but St. Louis keeps losing to to teams beneath them and skirting by during the times they beat some of those same teams. A solid effort and regulation win over the Stars would be just what the doctor ordered.

The Blues can get back on the right track and set themselves up for a good home stand on January 10 against Boston if they put 100% in. I almost hate to use that % number because it implies that the team doesn’t try.

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I think they think they do, but the results speak for themselves. When we see the Blues come out and do all the things they have to, they get results like the Winter Classic. When they try to take shortcuts, we get results like their recent losses to Nashville and Carolina.

Here is hoping for a great game from Jake Allen (assuming he plays). Vladimir Tarasenko had a big game after he had a child and Allen’s baby was just born.

So, if the anti-curse of becoming a father keeps up, the Snake is going to be on his game. That just means the Blues need some timely scoring and good defense – things that don’t always show up at the same time.

Here are your St. Louis Blues Morning Links to get your day started off right.

Blues fans did themselves proud by packing Busch Stadium for a game featuring Blues and Blackhawks alumni. While the fundamentals were not there, the game was entertaining as ever and provided us with a chance to reminisce and wonder what might have been. However as thankful as Blues fans were to see them, Kelly Chase was just as thankful, if not more so, to have the chance to suit up for that event. (STLToday)

For fans that missed out on the Winter Classic festivities, there will be one more opportunity to see some outdoor hockey. Sadly, I’ll miss it agains…damned work schedule. Anyway, the Blues alumni and special guests will suit up against some former Cardinals and Bird brass as well as some other events. (St. Louis Gametime)

Speaking of the One Nation Classic, the Blues will be wearing special jerseys for the event. The unis are very historical, if not pretty ugly. (Blues)

For history buffs or people that were actually around at the time, yesterday marked the anniversary of a rather infamous battle between expansion franchises. Regardless of which side you were on, it proved to be a memorable affair between the Note and the Broadstreet Bullies. (STLToday)

Auston Matthews probably would not trade playing in the NHL for a chance to play in the World Juniors. That doesn’t mean he was incredibly excited about the win for many of his friends. Additionally, he won a little bet with his Maple Leafs coach. (NHL)

The St. Louis Blues have struggled to string together wins this season. However, that is nothing new for the franchise as a whole. The Blues are in the middle of the pack when it comes to franchise’s longest win streaks. (NHL)

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