St. Louis Blues Morning Links: The Golden State Calls

Good morning Blues fans! It’s gameday as the Blues hit the road. Things aren’t set up for a good result, but who knows how things will play out.

The St. Louis Blues will have their hands full today. Things have not been going well for them of late, but they have a chance to turn that all around.

It is currently set up for them to lose. The Blues have never played particularly well in the state of California, especially in Los Angeles.

They won a game there in 2015-16, but that was the first one since 2010-11. Beating Los Angeles has been difficult enough by itself in recent years, let alone playing in that hornet’s nest.

Additionally, the Blues have been quite awful on the road regardless of the opponent. St. Louis is 5-10-1 in their 16 games away from Scottrade Center.

St. Louis needs to get things figured out and this is the perfect time to start it. The Blues have 25 of their final 41 games on the road. So, they must get better on the road to be anything resembling a playoff team.

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At this stage of the year, the only thing saving the Blues is the mediocrity of the rest of the division. The Blues would be the final wild card if anyone else in the Central Division was doing anything.

Fortunately for us, they are not. That has given the Blues time.

Time is not on their side though. You cannot continue to depend on the poor play of others for your own benefit.

The Blues must get things rolling. They have to do that not just on the road, but in general.

You can’t trade wins and losses without stringing a few together in the W column. It’s time for this team to figure out who they are and what better time than against L.A.?

Looking at the positives, if the Blues hold their current form steady, they’ll win. While they have not won back-to-back games since November, they don’t often lose them either. It’s been about a month since the Blues lost two in a row.

The last time the Blues faced the Kings, they won also. It was a tight affair and the Blues came out on top 1-0. St. Louis could use another performance like that to make them feel a little better about their game.

St. Louis has to have an entire team effort. They have proven countless times they don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone most nights. The Blues will need goaltending, defending and scoring. That’s been a big ask of late, but they can do it.

Here are your St. Louis Blues Morning Links to get your day started off right.

The Blues know they have their work cut out for them given the amount of time they will spend on the road. Their goaltending situation is only clouding that focus. (STLToday)

With the Blues goaltending situation in the minor leagues quite cloudy, Pheonix Copley made his case to remain with the system. Additionally, the rest of the team’s prospects are stepping up to the plate and the Wolves are cruising. (Wolves)

There’s nothing quite like blood to get one to change their allegiances. Such was the case with the Thompson family when Blues prospect Tage took on Canada in the gold medal final at the World Junior Championships. (CT Post)

Hockey, perhaps more than any other sport, has it’s hits and misses when it comes to jerseys. That can be seen in this year’s NHL All-Star jerseys as there are plenty of good and bad aspects about the four uniforms we’ll see at the All-Star game. (NHL)

We all know Alex Ovechkin is a heck of a scorer. It seems like every time he touches the puck you think a goal could go in. However, it’s hard not to still be impressed that he has now joined the club of quadruple-digit scorers. (ESPN)

Have a great day Blues fans!

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