St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Lightning In The Forecast

Good morning Blues fans! There’s a storm coming as the Tampa Bay Lightning are coming to town and they are bringing a surly attitude with them.

The St. Louis Blues welcome the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Scottrade Center tonight. The question is which Lightning team will show up.

Like St. Louis, the Lightning have had a rather up and down season so far. They opened up rather well, looking to capitalize on another good season last year.

Instead, they have entered a slump lately. The Bolts have lost three games in a row and the offense has dried up, with Tampa only scoring one goal in their last two games.

Additionally, like the Blues, they have entered that realm where things seem to go against you. In their last game, they had a goal disallowed because one of Columbus’ defensemen collided with their goaltender.

The funny thing is the similarities between the two teams. There is the clear one with Jon Cooper as the Bolts’ coach when he used to coach in St. Louis with the Bandits of the NAHL.

Then there are the injury issues. Normally it is the Blues with important guys on IR, but now Tampa has been hit hard with Steven Stamkos out for much of the season.

The Lightning are known much more for their offense, but the Blues are scoring quite a bit this year, especially of late. The two teams also have a recent history of having good goaltenders that don’t get the benefit of the doubt from fans.

For now, the Blues are coming in on a hot streak while the Lightning are trying to dig themselves out of a hole. It was not long ago that the situations were reversed.

The Blues are hoping to keep the status quo for at least one night.

Here are your St. Louis Blues Morning Links to get your day started off right.

In theory, the Blues are catching the Lightning at the perfect time. However, we have seen that bite the Blues in the rear when they think that way too much. They must focus and not worry about what the Lightning might do to turn things around. (Fox Sports)

Blues fans have a lot of fun yelling at players to shoot when they think there are lanes available.  Apparently we aren’t the only ones as it happens all over the league.  There is even a hashtag regarding it with the Lightning.  (Raw Charge)

The Blues are playing extremely well at home this season.  It isn’t wise to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the team hasn’t played well in St. Louis the last few years.  Now, they are hoping to keep their current streak going.  (Arch Authority)

The time of year is fast approaching when Blues fans must unite and vote like crazy to get one of their players into the All-Star Game.  Fan voting begins today.  (St. Louis Gametime)

When the Blues picked up David Perron in the summer, many scratched their heads or uttered some obscenities.  Even the most optimistic could not have predicted his current hot streak as he is proving to be a fantastic bargain for the team.  (STLToday)

Want your voice heard? Join the Bleedin' Blue team!

The Vegas Golden Knights got a lot of flack from social media regarding their nickname.  There are even rumors the Army might have an issue with it.  So, the team’s owner responded in an odd attempt to clear things up.  (ESPN)

Have a great day Blues fans!

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