Sharks’ Burns makes odd discovery

San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns was golfing Sunday when

he came across this on the course:

He doesn’t know what the hell it is, and I sure

don’t know what the hell it is, but that doesn’t mean

we can’t guess.

The obvious joke is to say that it’s a saber tooth tiger

jaw, because, come on, does Brent Burns not look like a guy who

would have a saber tooth tiger?

But if we’re going off of this saber tooth tiger skeleton

from the


target="_blank">University of California Museum of

Paleontology, it doesn’t really look like a match:

src="" />

Since it’s a bottom jaw, that also rules out the Nashville

Predators’ mascot:

src="" />

And it’s also not the jaw of short-lived ’70s cartoon

werewolf Fangface, though I kind of wish it was:

src="" />

I would love for it to be some prehistoric, cartoon or as yet

unidentified species, but truth be told, this guy probably has it

right. It’s just a pig: